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Sunny King Ford Guaranteed Credit Approval Lot

Here at Sunny King, we believe that everyone deserves a chance to get behind the wheel of the vehicle of their dreams. Whether your credit score is as high as can be or a little lower than you would like, why should you be forced to settle for a vehicle or not even be qualified to get one at all? Not anymore. Welcome to the Sunny King Ford Guaranteed Credit Approval Lot in Anniston AL at Sunny King Ford. They say there is no time like the present, and that much is very true when it comes to getting yourself a great new vehicle.

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Credit Approval

Credit Challenges

As one of the premiere automotive dealerships in the greater Birmingham AL area, Sunny King Ford has had nearly a century of practice at becoming such a great place to buy a new, used or certified pre-owned vehicle. But more than just a great inventory, Sunny King is the ideal one-stop-shop when it comes to your automotive needs. You can find all the expert financial support you need right on site when working with us at Sunny King. With that being said, it doesn’t come as a surprise that we can facilitate those with any sort of credit rating.

Your credit score is one of the most important numbers that comes into play when you are looking to purchase a new, used, or certified pre-owned vehicle. Loan lenders, insurance companies and more will be analyzing your credit to see whether or not you are a high risk borrower or not. If your score is lower than average, chances are that you will find your insurance rates raised, interest rates skyrocket, and even be completely turned down from the start. So how can you make sure not the be left without a ride?

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When you shop the Sunny King Credit Acceptance Lot, you are shopping for a vehicle that has you name written all over it. Good credit, bad credit, no credit; it doesn’t matter! We can help to facilitate you and your financial background no matter what condition your credit score is in. Sunny King Ford has been working with customers for well over 90 years to find the right vehicle, and that is certainly not going to stop just because your credit is in the red.

All it takes for you to get behind the wheel of a fantastic new vehicle right here in the greater Anniston AL area is a quick and easy phone call or even just filling out a form. How much easier does it get than that? No more dealing with creditors or loan lenders or the nasty backlash that comes along with have poor credit or no credit at all. You are put back in control of your automotive future when you shop with us on the Sunny King Credit Acceptance Lot.

No hassle, no fuss, just genuine automotive service for anyone, regardless of their financial history. Sunny King Ford, proudly serving greater Birmingham AL area for many generations, is always looking for new ways to better provide for the people of the community that has brought them up to be so successful